Morley C. Spencer

Morley was born in Duluth, Minnesota and raised in Bangladesh, Belgium, and Hungary, a child raised in airports and rich cultures. Her love for the outdoors began with her family’s passion for canoeing and camping in the north woods of Minnesota and years swatting mosquitos in the Girl Scouts. After graduating from high school in Budapest, Hungary she returned to Minnesota to study international human rights and political science. Several years studying in the United States led Morley to packing her bags again and she taught for two years at international schools in Venezuela and most recently, Poland. Prior to working overseas, Morley served in AmeriCorps and found a passion in working with youth in schools and at wilderness leadership programs. She currently lives in Seattle, Washington and is pursuing a Master in Teaching degree from the University of Washington to further her understanding and skills in formal education and to continue teaching and learning from diverse communities around the world.