Jessica Bolaños

One summer after graduating from the University of California, Davis, I lived and learned in Yosemite National Park, a mesmerizing place that would confirm my deep love for teaching in outdoor settings. The beautiful truth that "everything is connected" became so clear, and it is ingrained into my being and teaching. I was later privileged to work for a year with a sustainable development and service learning non-profit in rural communities in Nicaragua, a stunning country that taught me so much. I love my home and family in California but am grateful to be able to explore and learn in the Pacific Northwest with the remarkable faculty at IslandWood and fellow educators. If we meet, I’d be ecstatic to go climbing together (rocks, trees, buildings...), run some trails, eat Indian or Mexican food, or just make/dance/listen to some good music.

Title Created Date
In Defense of Sticks 31 May 2016